Buildlink Instructions


Users may have differing rights to use Buildlink services

Administrator users of Buildlink define which services and information are available to various users networked for a particular real estate information system using Buildlink

Public users

It is not obligatory or necessary for public users of Buildlink to register as system users. Usually these users gain access to Buildlink via mobile codes or through links defined and offered by other net resources. Customers of companies utilizing Buildlink services are typical users in this category.

Registered users

Registered users are entitled to a wider use of Buildlink services. These users are specifically registered as identifiable users by the main/master user. Typical users in this category are e.g. service and upkeep personnel, who need to have a regular access to facilities, buildings and apartments to carry out their service activities.


The buildlink administrator manages and maintains all Buildlink information and service resources and users. Typical administrator users are those responsible for managing and supervising the use and operations in buildings and facilities, as well as real estate managers, services and upkeep managers of companies providing services, board members of housing companies and other persons responsible for service processes and those overseeing internally use and service of facilities in companies.


Registration and logging in


The right to use Buildlink is gained by registering in the service at the web address through clicking on the link “Registration” in the top right hand corner of the main page. To register a user must apply a unique username. Other required information a user must provide when registering are an email address, the first name, the family name and a password. A valid password is at least 8 characters long including both lower and upper case letters as well as numbers.


Login for service use is done by clicking on the “Sign in” link in the top right hand corner of the page. The procedure entails typing and entering a username and the password in the indicated boxes. Should a user have forgot the password he or she can regain it through clicking on the link “Reset password”.

User account information

Control of user account information, user profiles and modifying user account settings.

Buildlink screen

Sign up view.


Buildlink screen

Sign in view.

Buildlink screen

User profile view.


Use of mobile codes

Mobile codes provide Buildlink users access to information produced and saved in the system by service providers. This information is accessible with any mobile device. Using mobile codes is very user friendly - the user needs only to scan a mobile code with a mobile device to be redirected to the desired web service.

An Internet network connection, a camera and QR-reader is required for the optimal utilization of the codes. Buildlink services can also be accessed through a web browser, without QR-reader apps.

There are various QR reading programmes available in the apps store to enable the user to choose the preferred one. The optional reading programmes can be found by using the terms “QR” or “QR reader” for the chosen search engine.

Upon uploading a reading programme the user should start the programme and focus the camera of the mobile device used on a mobile code. In most reading programmes the scanning process starts automatically once the user has focussed the camera on a code in the right position.

Buildlink screen

Testing mobile devices before using Buildlink

It is wise to test the mobile devices a user intends to use for accessing Buildlink services before starting to use the services. The bitrate and settings of various devices may affect the functioning of the services. A QR reading programme should be installed also to enable utilizing mobile codes.

Possible problems

  • Net connections fail to function (or are slow)
  • Problems related to QR reading - there are various applications available, and it is worth finding out which one best serves the user’s needs
  • General phone settings (e.g. how to load videos, saving information)
  • Unfavourable conditions under which reading is conducted (low lighting, long distance)

Using codes without QR-reader. This functionality is to make sure that services are accessible even when for some reason reading codes is not possible. The user should then enter the following into the URL field of the browser.

Buildlink screen

Mobile code - redirecting user to the web page

Start the QR reader and scan the code using your mobile device

You are directed to Buildlink service page

Buildlink screen

Mobile code - feedback

Read a code using your mobile device, write your informal feedback on the form and click “send feedback” The service will confirm that your feedback was received, and the feedback is saved and retained in the service.


Technical support

Concerning any technical issues and potential problems users are invited to contact Buildlink-support services.
In very urgent cases: +358 40 5788750