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Using Buildlink is easy. Upon logging in for services and choosing the Management panel option a user have all the resources visible and available. Using mobile codes the user can be redirected directly to the chosen information or service.


Management panel Overview of the services

The management panel view provides the user with an overall view on the real estate and related services linked in the account.

  • Real estate (buildings)
  • Locations
  • Web pages
  • Documents
  • Tasks
  • Targets (assets)

The user can navigate between various services by utilizing the service menu in the upper right hand corner of the page.

The content of the services available for users varies with the selection of user rights granted to different users.

Buildlink screen

Management panel view.


Buildings Contextual information resources

In Buildlink all information and service resources are connected to the buildings linked to Buildlink. The control panel of a particular building is accessed by clicking on the “Buildings” link on the menu. The user will find all the connected buildings listed also in the control panel.

The user accesses the selection of functions view for a chosen building by clicking on the address link of that building. Optionally the user can access the information for a building by clicking on the spot indicating the location on the map view.

Real estate related information:

  • Name of the property/building
  • Unique identifier
  • Address
  • Location
  • Type (Residential Real Estate, Office property, Commercial real estate, Industrial real estate, warehouse real estate or other property)
Buildlink screen

Buildlings view.



Buildlink screen

Web pages related to building.

The user can open a web page by clicking on the web link of the chosen web service.


Buildlink screen

Documents related to building.

By clicking on a chosen document title on the “Documents” list the user can open the document.



Buildlink screen

Tasks related to buildling.

Information related to a particular task is accessed by clicking on the right link specifying that task. Tasks are listed in the title field.

Buildlink screen

Events and jobs.

A user can either monitor the implementation of tasks or book and record tasks s/he is to carry out or has completed her/himself.


Assets Locations, facilities, devices and movables.

Buildlink screen

Assets related to buildling.

Information and services related to a particular location or building is accessed by clicking on the link in the title field.

Buildlink screen

Information and service resources related to a location (in this location under the title “Operations/functions/procedures”)

Information related to tasks is accessed by clicking on the link in the title field. Adding a operation is done by clicking on the link “Add assignment”.


Technical support

Concerning any technical issues and potential problems users are invited to contact Buildlink-support services.
In very urgent cases: +358 40 5788750